About Us

Global Project Consulting Group, LLC. was created as a Virginia Henrico county based limited liability corporation. It’s owned by its principal investors. The CEO & President of GPCG, Dr. Abu M.Fofana, will be in charge of managing projects, engaging clients, and stakeholders in every aspect of our operations, making progress reports to the Board and key partners, ensuring that all contractual obligations, schedules, and technical performances are executed, and monitored. Dr. Fofana is an award-winning project management professional. He is a qualified business and project management subject matter expert and well versed in project integration, planning, and execution of multi-sized projects resulting in higher staff productivity, quantifiable ROI, and stronger market position for corporate clients most of whom are fortune 500 companies and has worked over 20 years in the program, IT, project management office, and portfolio management fields. He holds two master’s degrees in international economic cooperation and project management from the Ecole Nationale D ’Administration Publique (ENAP), Rabat, Morocco, and DeVry Keller Graduate School of Management, USA, respectively. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in  business management specialized in project management from the School of Technology Management at Northcentral University, Sans Diego, CA.  Dr. Fofana speaks, fluently, English, French, and Arabic and has a working knowledge of German.