IT Project Management

We deliver innovative specialized IT support services, including managing construction of buildings including housing complex in multiple countries;implementation of an Enterprise Information System,management of Green Projects,training, career development, and mentoring; global expansion initiative; city emergency preparedness planning; integration of enterprise functional applications, and webisodes to name a few examples.

Moreover, an important element of our continued innovation and product strategy is to focus on providing services covering hardware and software products to make them work together more effectively and delivering improved computing performance, reliability, security, and creating optimal solutions for our customers that will provide them with the power to do more. Our IT support services also include quality and efficient service supports for the following: LAN/WAN support, help desk support services, training, notebook/laptop/docking station, management, design, operation, change management, configuration management, service requests, assets management, cost-benefit analysis, proactive monitoring and on-call maintenance. Some of the benefits of our IT services programs include quantitative or quantitative analysis of performance, cost savings, reduced processing time, reduced inventory, and superior customer service.

Service Desk

Global Project Consulting Group offers an efficient and cost-effective service desk solution that makes it easier for end users to access information and support rapidly thus decreasing downtime, improving response time and end-user productivity. GPCG has excelled at making enterprise support models flexible and agile. Whether supporting new business initiatives or simply looking to improve client satisfaction by expanding coverage, GPCG can help you deliver a first class service desk experience. Moreover, our Service Management System allows for a record of all incidents, creation of service request tickets and easy identification of solutions. 

IT Equipment Check-up

Office equipment such as a computer, laptop, printer, monitor etc. has life-span, and like any of us, need periodic /regular health and safety check-up. Besides our robust service or desktop support, we also upgrade motherboard, CPU, memory, cables, operating systems, software packages, resolve software/hardware conflicts and tune-ups problems.

Computer Cleaning 

Regular use and exposure of IT equipment to dirt, airborne germs, and bacteria may cause equipment malfunction and inefficiency and downtime. To sustain or even boost PC performance and ensure that the electronic assets stored within your electronic equipment are protected, the equipment itself must be maintained. Our Computer Cleaning Service is focused on cleaning and disinfecting computers, peripherals, phones and other office equipment. Our goal is to extend the lifetime of your equipment while helping to create a healthier work environment, enhance your office image and bring back the sparkle and newness of your equipment.  Our cleaning service is thorough, clean and it’s done by professionals.  And it’s guaranteed!

We apply our anti-bactericide to areas of common touches, such as keyboards, mice, phones, printers and FAX machines. It is an effective quaternary disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorizer. It also fights against Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus, pathogenic fungi, Pseudomonas and meets all the requirements for hospital use.  Global Project Consulting Group’s Anti-bactericide also demonstrates effectiveness against Feline Pneumonitis, Polio Virus, Parainfluenza, Influenza A, and respiratory syncytial virus and helps protect your workplace against sickness, virus, and bacteria.