Project Portfolio Management

Through our project portfolio management service, GPCG will guide organizations in identifying the right business value and invests in project portfolio that maximizes and sustains ROI, creates strategic approaches and metrics-Net present value, expected commercial value, ROI, earned value and payback period -to correct performance problems and risks early before they become showstoppers. We also make sure projects receive the support and oversight that they need to complete successfully. PPM service also allocates resources to projects based on the extent to which they add values to the overarching organizational objectives, ensures business sustains its competitive edge, and provides companies the tools and supports that they need to use resources, both human and materials, efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, we ensure that the value of the products and services delivered are worth stakeholders’ investment and guarantee that the various objectives that the business and the project seek are paralleled, interwoven, and congruent. Through our effective risk management plan, we protect your company from micro and macroeconomic vicissitudes, regulatory requirements, force majeure, and political or ideological resistance.