We establish and manage programs and projects and enable project management and standardization through a project management information system. We monitor and control projects progress and apply agile methodologies in developing backup and recovery plans. We prepare guidelines and checklists that the technical/functional teams can use, develop and enhance communication plans, and apply a project managing information system (PMIS) to achieve the data handling among different parties. We also automate the PMO processes and procedures and develop dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI), develop a risk process for identifying risks, performing a risk analysis, and developing response plans. Moreover, our PMO experts will work with your company to establish a transparent system to measure the rates of practical project completion and project financial performance and promote the PMO and quality management culture by conducting training and interactive workshops.

Through our unique PMO emergency and long-term support service, we will intervene on a short time notice to commence the efforts of rescuing your project, build or strengthen your business PMO infrastructure, mentor or train your project team and help set up specific, measurable, attainable, time-based, and environmentally responsible goals to achieve. We will also establish a PMO governance and metrics to monitor the health and progress of the most critical areas of projects and focus on providing a higher market standing and sustainable competitive edge for all of our clients.

Our Short-Term Service begins within hours of establishing business contacts with our multilingual and subject matter experts. We will provide supporting, governance, and monitoring solutions.

Our Long-term Service will establish project management governance, and standardization in the workplace, and manage resources most effectively through projects portfolio management application.