I am more than excited, honored, and humbled to be chosen to serve, for the second time in a row, as a member of the 2020 PMO Global Award Judging Committee, representing the United States. The evaluation stage will start in May and end in August.
The 2020 PMO Award Program in Brief
The battle is on to win the project management office (PMO) global competition and receive the honorific and coveted 2020 PMO Global Awards title. Over 300 PMOs and 600 PMO Leaders from 100 countries will converge in London, United Kingdom, to attend the final Award Ceremony between September 1 and October 1, 2020.
The 2020 PMO Global Award program will feature exciting speakers focused on PMO and project management and include excellent sponsorship opportunities for any company, PMO or project management practitioner, and individual. Information about the sponsor packages will soon be released. To learn more about the transcendent 2020 PMO Global Awards, how to register, and participate, please click on this link https://pmoawards.org.
Unlike the 2019 PMO Global Award program that mainly nominated representatives from Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe for the prestigious Best PMO Global Award, the 2020 award program will choose participants and honor winners in the following categories:
A. Regional Award
B. The Industry Award
C. Professional Award
A. Regional Award. Participants and nominees will come from Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The best in this category will receive the Best PMO of the Year Award. The best regional performers will receive one of the following titles:
• Best Africa PMO of the Year
• Best Americas PMO of the Year
• Best Asia-Pacific PMO of the Year
• Best Europe PMO of the Year
Second and third regional runners up each will receive a special trophy.
B. The Industry Award. Participants in this category will come from twelve industries or sectors composed of construction, consulting, energy, government & public sector, health care heavy industry, Insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit, technology, and telecommunication.
The first, second, and third runners-up in this category will receive awards and trophy. The first runner-up will receive the prestigious the best 2020 Industry PMO Global Award. The second and third runners-up will each receive a special trophy. The Industry Award titles include:
• Best Banking PMO of the Year
• Best Construction Industry PMO of the Year
• Best Consulting PMO of the Year
• Best Energy PMO of the Year
• Best Government & Public Sector PMO of the Year
• Best Health Care PMO of the Year
• Best Heavy Industry PMO of the Year
• Best Insurance PMO of the Year
• Best Manufacturing PMO of the Year
• Best Nonprofit PMO of the Year
• Best Technology PMO of the Year
• Best Telecommunication PMO of the Year
C. Professional Award. The PMO Global Alliance will also nominate and honor PMO Leader of the Year and PMO Influencer of the Year. The second and third runners-up will receive a special trophy in this category.