Career Development

Career Development

What is the career and mentoring program? Is an informal or a formal process whereby an expert (mentor) helps a student or low-level employee (mentee) develop personally and professionally through counseling, hands-on training, and the use of other media. An informal mentoring service does not set time limit and its goals and outcomes are not measured.

Contrarily, a formal mentoring service sets a time limit and measurable goals from the start. The program manager uses registered mentors and mentees and pairs them together based on career compatibility.

Project Solutions University along with the program manager of the Career and Mentoring Development Training Center will provide training support and space to carry on the mentoring service.

 Our Training Benefits.

  • It improves the bottom-line by improving job performance and productivity.  
  • It minimizes costs related to turnovers, lack of knowledge or experience, and wisdom gained from experienced employees 
  • It improves the relationship between departments and other teammates 
  • It improves employee professional career development
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