Consulting Method

The focal point of Global Project Consulting Group is to execute projects’ life cycle rapidly, drive projects on sustainable path, maximize profit and make our clients competitive in the 21st Century marketplace. We commit ourselves 100% to what we do. We believe totally satisfied customers are bound to come back looking for us. We define projects clearly and go the extra mile to have a comprehensive understanding of our clients and their organizational objectives. We choose excellence over expediency and proactiveness over reactiveness.

 Feasibility Data CollectionFeedbackImplementationReview
Needs AnalysisDiagnosisDecision MakingTaking ActionEvaluation
ObjectiveSurveyCommunicating dataDesigningForward Planning
ProposalInterviewGetting acceptanceDevelopmentDisengagement
Contracting Data dump EngagementTraining Debriefing

We use a variety of tools and techniques and scan the dimension of methods, apply the ones that are relevant and stand out for different projects and different clients. Some of our methods include sustainability, green project management, Agile, Scrum, Lean Sigma, Prince2,  Just-in-time (JIT) or kaizen, to name a few.

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