Eligibility Requirements

To conduct collective and individual research at PMSURI, every research agent, faculty member, postgraduate, postdoctoral scholar, undergraduate student, and consultant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) meet the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approbation within six weeks of initiating their research. CITI training certificate will be valid for three years. CITI researchers are required every two years.
  2. Complete the following CITI training modules:
  3. Research Misconduct
  4. Inter-Based Research
  5. Belmont Report
  6. History of Ethical Principles
  7. Defining Research with Human Subjects
  8. Assessing Risks
  9. United Federal Regulations
  10. Informed Consent
  11. Privacy and Confidentiality
  12. Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects
  13. Comply with all applicable PMSURF policies and procedures, including but not limited to policies on intellectual property, conflict of interest and human subject protection
  14. Ensure that their proprietary data is not inadvertently disclosed
  15. Protect participant privacy and confidential information
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