Mentoring Program

Who participates in the mentoring program?

All mentees-student or otherwise-must be registered members of the Project Solutions University

Who does it run? How is it managed?

1. The Mentoring Program manager will work with the PSU, GPCG, and other stakeholders to recruit and register internal and external experts including the mentees.

2. PSU & GPCG will create a safe learning environment where the mentee and mentors feel free to discuss issues openly and honestly without worrying about negative consequences.

3. The program manager will choose a mentor and mentee from a poll of registered participants and match the mentor with the mentee based on career compatibility chart.

4. The manager will provide meeting space and support to the mentoring program

5. The manager will ensure the overall mentoring program goals are aligned with PSU objective

6. The program manager will evaluate the Mentoring Program outcomes bi-monthly

7. The program manager will conduct overall performance reviews

8. The manager will make certain that the mentoring objective is achieved

How does it benefit mentee?

1. Mentee learns specific skills and knowledge relevant to personal and professional goals

2. It improves career development through critical reviews and feedbacks

3. It expands networks with influential people

4. It builds confidence, promotes growth, and development

How does it benefit the mentor?

1. The mentor may gain satisfaction from helping or developing someone professionally and personally

2. Mentoring or developing someone can re-energize the mentor’s own career

3. A mentor can gain a lifetime friendship

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