RI Objective & Goals

To investigate the causes of project and program management success and failure and search for solutions that amplify the chance of delivering programs and projects, maximizing the return of capital, and sustaining organizational competitiveness in the competitive 21st Century global marketplace. Ensure GPCG research study’s design and conduct, data analysis, and/or reporting of the results conducted under the auspices of GPCG Research Institute is not tainted due to potential bias and conflict of interests that may affect or appear to affect the objectivity of the research results.


  1. Establish policies, procedures, and controls governing all expenditures
  2. Deals with various aspects of research, training, and other projects
  3. Contribute to education and the exchange of knowledge and information through joint research collaboration and publications
  4. Ensure that research expenditures are monitored for availability of funds and for compliance with the Research Foundation policies and sponsor requirements.
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