PMO Emergency service

We deliver projects from crisis to success and with a focus on benefits realization and value stream optimization 

Int'l Project Management

We engage our most knowledgeable and experienced consultants and proactive leaders that understand the dynamics and intricacies of the global environment to bridge differences to optimize client value effectively.

Program Management

We provide 100% customer satisfaction, dramatic  team performance improvement, and sustains higher market standing for our clients.

Green Project Management

We embed green project plan in all projects, make green project management an essential part of the overall project management ’s DNA.

Projects Portfolio Management

We invest in a project portfolio that maximizes and sustains ROI, correct performance problems, and risks early in the project before they become showstoppers.


We identify the strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for improvement. The assessment report consists of a time and cost estimate for implementing recommendations.

Project Management

We manage all phases of PM life cycle, including initiation, planning, implementation, and monitor and control.

IT Project Management

We deliver innovative specialized IT support and implement Enterprise Information Systems, security, and help desk operations.

Research & Training

We identify the right business value and invest in projects portfolio that maximizes and sustains ROI, create strategic approaches and metrics to correct performance problems and risks early in the project before they become showstoppers.

Our Strong Points

  • We transform project management business process and focus on optimum benefits realization 
  • We transform your project governance, culture, legacy technology, and planning, execution, and completion delays
  • We embed green project management plan in project planning and execution
  • We establish metrics to track the impact of risk and issues 
  • Project scope, cost, time, quality,and procurement are  central to our risk management & strategic plans.
  • Project Management Leadership
  • Business & PMO Consultation
  • Green Project Management & sustainability
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Information Technology management
  • Program Management
  • Research & Training
  • Int'l Complex Project Management
  • Project Charter, proposal, contract, team charter, & project assessment
  • Project Scope statement, scope management plan
  • Project Cost management plan, project estimate, project earned value management, project budget, business plan, benefits realization
  • Project Time, schedule management plan,  Work Breakdown Structure, Microsoft Project, Primavera
  • Project Quality Management plan, quality assurance, quality management
  • Project Human Resources plan, professional development, mentoring
  • Project Risk assessment, analysis, mitigation, project monitoring and control
  • Project Procurement plan, source identification and invitation, managing complexity procurements, procurement schedule risks
  • Project Communication Management plan, Resource Accountability Matrix, Resource Accountability Matrix
  • Managing diverse Stakeholders across multiple states and countries
  • Project Management Leadership, managing technical team, working with stakeholders, and making strategic decisions
  • Project Master Plan, baseline line plan, added works, unexpected events, change management plan

I am writing to recommend Mr. Abu Mohammed Fofana for the project management position. I have known Mr. Fofana since 2012 as a project manager and co-worker. He is a knowledgeable, reliable, resourceful, dedicated worker, technologically competent, hard-working, and a great leader and communicator. Our company accomplished its business goals beyond expectation when we recruited Mr. Fofana to manage, plan, and implement several of our international and complex construction projects. He was able to organize and coordinate a different team of diverse professionals and stakeholders across multiple states, countries, and continents. An effort which necessitated his collaboration with, sharing of project information, and presenting project progress reports to various functional leaders, executives, and board of directors.
He exceedingly met our overarching objectives and goals through his experience in contract compliance, proposal writing, risk identification; strategic assessment; project monitoring, and control and application of technological solutions to effectively track our project’s progress.

Willie Denton

CEO, President
Alpha Synergy, Inc.
1 877-744-8842 Extension 1

It is a great pleasure to give my highest possible recommendation for Abu Fofana for the PMO management position. I have known Mr. Fofana for nearly eight years. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to work independently as well as collectively with great creativity and enthusiasm. His perseverance, initiative, teamwork skills, and intellectual creativity are quite impressive. Since his performance, creativity, proactive communication skills, and leadership have never faltered since I’ve known him, I am confident he would be a very positive asset to your research program.
If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dory Morris

(work) 804-730-5334

Answers to Your Questions

What does Global Projects Consulting Group produce or sell?

We are a leading provider of consulting services designed to take businesses, projects, and training programs to new heights -from mediocrity to achieving sustainable business success and completing projects when they are most needed.

What do you do best?

We are business leaders and subject matter experts dedicated to making contributions to the advancement of the project management and technology fields. Please click here to learn more about our industrial expertise areas.

Who do I contact regarding a business?

We provide a total executive-level commitment, flexible hours, single-point-of-contact, client-dedicated service delivery teams, and 24/7 service delivery. Your first contact is your nearest regional consultant, representative, or associate. If you are unsure of this contact, please click here to find the Global Project Consulting Group office nearest you.

How Does Project Management Solution University Operate?

Generally, we work with clients to identify training needs and method, evaluate training activities and monitor performance

  What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?

Accomplishing each task and meeting customer expectations

What problem does the global Projects Consulting Group solve?

We solve problems that relate to profitability, growth, project estimation, technology, performance, new product, competition, new market, insource vs. outsource, procurement, mergers & acquisitions, and other unique initiatives. We assess organizational problems, develop a strategic roadmap, and implement sustainable solutions.

What is unique about you, and why should we hire GPCG over other companies?

We are well-versed in planning, execution, and monitoring and control of multi-sized projects resulting in higher staff productivity, quantifiable ROI, and a stronger market position for our clients.

How much do you charge for doing business with you?

We offer quality service with competitive pricing by lowering overhead and minimizing fixed costs. We charge by the hour, by the project, by the day and by retainer basis. And the first time doing business with us, we offer 25% discounts to non-profit organizations, 15% to small business, 10% for medium-sized enterprises, and 5% to all others.

  What has motivated you the most to become what you are today?

The determination to be better and to succeed.

Where We Are

NY-NJ Metro Areas
157 So. Harrison St.,
East Orange, NJ
P. O. Box 2060
East Orange, NJ 07018