Our Team

GPCG core consulting group and partners consist of junior, senior, local partners, and executive consultants. They are passionate about what they do and know how to help your organization achieve its overarching objective. Our team is made up of internationally and uniquely talented, expert, and multilingual professionals from diverse backgrounds. We set the level of performance goal to greater 95% and work very hard to complete projects on schedule. 

 We choose our consultants and partners based on the following  competency criteria:
Knowledge: Good understanding and knowledge of software and hardware applications and having the ability to translate that knowledge into benefits for the customers.
Customer service: Possess a broad understanding of customer needs and how to meet those needs. This skill is also demonstrated by the ability to confer with users to evaluate the effectiveness of or identify and solve their problems.
Quick and accurate thinking: Demonstrate a sense of urgency in addressing issues affecting customers and take ownership of the issues affecting them.
Focus: Maintaining a solid strategy for efficient problem diagnosis. Ability to focus on the real issues involved.
Attention to detail. This requires the ability to ensure that activities, services, or products reflect organizational goals and objectives.
Oral communication. The ability to participate or represent the organization or clients at briefings, meetings, or conferences.
Problem-solving. Having the skills and ability to evaluate the efficiency or effectiveness of organizational programs, projects, or operations.

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