PMO Emergency Response

Short-Term Response service provides PMO services within hours of establishing business contacts with our multilingual and subject matter experts. Depending on the geographic distance of your project form our central locations, we initiate short-term response service contact with clients via phone, email, and social media. Confidential information is channeled through our Project Solutions University secure site, Skype, Global GoToMeeting, Google hangouts, to name a few examples.

Long-Term Response service strives to achieve the following goals:

We establish project management standardization in the workplace. We masterfully manage multiple projects simultaneously and effectively implement their strategic goal of maximizing the contribution of each project to the corporate overarching objective. 

We continue to develop sustainable standards and practices and effectively execute projects based on the baseline plan. We maintain total quality control and increase risk assessment and monitoring.

We establish a PMO governance and set up metrics to monitor the health and progress of the most critical areas of projects. 

We use our stellar Project Solutions University to improve team performance and development via continuous learning. 

We focus on providing greater market standing and competitive edge for all of our clients.

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