PMO Success Factors

Key benefits of our 24/7 project management emergency services include the following: We manage projects based on the Project Management Institute Standards, quality assurance, and control, effective risk management, portfolio management, training, and continued support. We provide proactive communication via a Web-based Project Management System (WPMS) to facilitate access to and flow of communication and project data between stakeholders, funding agencies, environmental advocates, legal institutions, and governmental agencies across the globe. We minimize the cost of not knowing where to find project information and make the flow and exchange of project data seamless and more importantly make decision making faster and more effective. We establish Integrated Project Management System (IPMS) and encourage project stakeholders especially project teammates to individually or collectively identify and set goals that are specific, concrete, measurable, timely, and environmentally responsible, and work toward achieving those goals consistent with the overarching objectives of the project and business.

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