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Green Project Management

Create a green project charter, environmental management plan, change control plan, calculate the environmental impacts of projects and business and focus on creating a balance between profits, the environment, and people.

Strategic Assessment

Focus on optimizing business and project value,  thoroughly understanding their weaknesses and strengths, creating a customized method, putting in place a well thought out execution plan, analyzing the outcomes, and measuring the results or benefits.

Research in Project Management Fields

GPCG is focused on searching for sustainable solutions to project, program, project management office, and information technology problems. Our research study program covers past, present, and future projects managed in all industries including education, construction, information technology, banking, healthcare, management, pharma, transportation, and film.

Business Administration

We ensure that the value of the products and services delivered are worth stakeholders’ investment and guarantee that the various objectives that the business and the project seek are paralleled, interwoven, and congruent


Taking your project and business to The Next Level


 Prescriptive solutions are not part of our success formula. Missing deadlines, failing to optimize and achieve business and project value, and benefits, when they are in demand, are trademarks of the new normal, lack of capacity, and creativity. Group thinking, legacy system, and lack of foresight are anathema to business and project success in this Century and beyond.

Stop settling  for less! 


 We think out of the box. Instead of prescribing, we customize. Because business and project management fields are expanding-new challenges and obstacles emerge every day. We expand our understanding of the universe through associates and partners that reflect the part of the universe unknown to us, not those we already know. More importantly, we know the strengths and weaknesses of our clients, their competitions, and know precisely the required formula to achieve their business and project goals. Last, we focus on benefits realization throughout

Annual Savings


Return Users


Business Increase


Traffic Boost



“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did.”

Dr. Abu Foana, Global Project Consulting Group, CEO

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NY-NJ Metro Areas
157 So. Harrison St.,
East Orange, NJ
P. O. Box 2060
East Orange, NJ 07018




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